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Matlack & Company is known for providing commercial insurance with pricing that is competitive in today's market. Our professional agency will provide you with a large selection of different companies and products to ensure that your needs and requests are met by the coverage you obtain. We'll also help you with each step during the process to ensure that you understand every detail and make the right decision. We'll design a program that is specific to your needs and that has terms appropriate to your situation.

We can also assist you with obtaining personal insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. We can provide our expertise and advice on the process to help you understand the plan that you choose. We'll offer you multiple quotes, and we can work within your budget to ensure that you don't overpay for commercial insurance.

You can relax and trust in our professional opinions as we work to secure appropriate coverage that you can obtain for the long run. Many of our customers continue to use our services for many years due to the personalized support that we provide and our high level of experience in the industry. We feel confident that you'll enjoy receiving plenty of attention from our staff as we take our time answering your questions. You'll quickly discover that we have your best interests in mind when it comes to the protection that you need, and we'll draft a plan at a competitive rate without compromising on the level of coverage that you receive. Call us now at (856) 939-1545 to learn about our commercial solutions.

Commercial Insurance Services We Cover:

Commercial Auto & Truck Insurance


Business auto insurance, also known as commercial auto insurance, is a policy that will protect your business vehicle in the same way your personal auto insurance covers your personal vehicle. You won't always be able to predict the weather or another driver's actions, so protect your vehicle with business auto insurance.

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Garage Liability Insurance


Garage liability insurance covers the legal liabilities that might be incurred in an auto garage. For example, if a customer slips on a patch of oil and breaks a hip, that customer's medical expenses are going to be paid using the insurance's coverage. Most garage liability insurance also covers legal liabilities from common on-site contingencies such as certain kinds of crimes and damage inflicted on cars in the auto garage's care, custody or control.

Business Owners Insurance


When insuring your business, it's important to select a policy that will cover you for the specific situations your business might face. Since there can be a wide variance in policies and coverage, make sure that you select one that fits your needs like a glove. Small businesses should secure a Business Owners Policy.


Contractors Equipment Insurance


Commercial contractors’ equipment insurance is designed to cover missing or damaged contracting equipment. In many cases, it can also cover smaller tools and borrowed equipment as well as employees' equipment and clothing. In the event of an accident, it can even help pay for cleanup.


Commercial Umbrella Insurance


In short, commercial umbrella insurance provides coverage in addition to the existing coverage provided by other commercial insurance policies. Since commercial umbrella insurance can provide coverage for a broader range of claims than other commercial insurance policies, purchasing it tends to be less expensive than raising the coverage limits on said policies.


Professional Liability Insurance


Professional liability insurance, or commercial liability insurance, is a type of business insurance that protects you and your business from malpractice, errors, and negligence when servicing your customers. In some states, businesses may be required to carry this type of insurance. It's also a requirement for doctors to carry this insurance to protect them from malpractice claims.


Builders Risk Insurance


Construction is a complex process that involves many components. It also carries a tremendous cost. Builders risk insurance is a form of property insurance that covers property owners and builders for projects under construction.  The cost can be even greater if there are delays in construction due to vandalism, accidental losses or damage to the property. For that reason, it is important to make sure all of your bases are covered by purchasing builders risk insurance.


Pollution & Tank Insurance


Companies that need protection from pollution lawsuits need to buy pollution insurance separately. If your business involves risks to hazardous waste exposure, you'll need to invest in pollution insurance for sure. But industrial businesses aren't the only ones who need legal protection. Salons, dry-cleaning services, and even junkyards can be on the receiving end of a pollution lawsuit.

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