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Business auto insurance, also known as commercial auto insurance, is a policy that will protect your business vehicle in the same way your personal auto insurance covers your personal vehicle. You won't always be able to predict the weather or another driver's actions, so protect your vehicle with business auto insurance.

Trying to figure out whether or not you need business auto insurance can be a little difficult at times. You may need to have higher liability insurance and coverage for your employees or vehicles in order to ensure that your business is fully protected.

About Business Auto Insurance

The main difference between personal auto insurance and business auto insurance is that personal drivers don't have the same concerns as businesses do in terms of car insurance. For example, businesses often need to be concerned about their employees, passengers, work gear and equipment. All of these things will be covered by commercial business insurance.

Any business that uses vehicles associated with commercial work, such as dump trucks, utility vans, taxis, limousines, flatbeds or vehicles that have been outfitted with work equipment, to name a few, must have business auto insurance. That doesn't mean you don't need business auto insurance just because you or your employees drive normal vehicles, such as cars, SUVs or pickup trucks. Even if your business is involved in a delivery service, then it's a good idea to have business auto insurance.

Garage Liability Insurance

Although all businesses should purchase insurance to protect against the unexpected, not all businesses need the same insurance. Obviously, there is no reason for a business to purchase car insurance unless it has a car that is being used in its revenue-earning operations. Similarly, there is no reason for a business to purchase garage liability insurance unless it is running an auto garage.

Garage liability insurance covers the legal liabilities that might be incurred in an auto garage. For example, if a customer slips on a patch of oil and breaks a hip, that customer's medical expenses are going to be paid using the insurance's coverage. Most garage liability insurance also covers legal liabilities from common on-site contingencies such as certain kinds of crimes and damage inflicted on cars in the auto garage's care.

Second, garage liability insurance can also cover damages caused by the auto garage's products. For example, if the auto garage installs a bad part into a car that causes it to crash, garage liability insurance can cover the cost of reimbursing that car's owner.

Not all insurance policies cover the same things, so it is important to consult a New Jersey insurance agent at Matlack Company before purchase.

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